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Pleasing atmosphere for the Lord

Cleansing the home and creating an atmosphere pleasing to the Lord


  1. Take a Spiritual inventory of your current living space.


If your heart and home are to be a sanctuary for God, you need to learn how to avoid or at least minimize your intake of the world. Get rid of or limit the following: Scripture tells us that our hearts are to be a sanctuary for the Lord 1 Chronicles 22:19. Although we (Christian’s) live in the world we do not wage war against the flesh. 2 Corinthians 10:3. We should be aware of potential stumbling blocks. Anything that keeps you from the Lord can be a stumbling block. A huge tool that the enemy uses to distract us is our media intake:


Television                                            Newspapers

Internet                                               Magazines

Texting /social networking                  Product catalogs

Worldly music                                     Video games


  1. Remove anything in the home that the Devil can use as a tool to get to you. These items should be removed from any home dedicated to being a sanctuary for the Lord. Having these items in the home can hinder the Lord’s work, see James 1:21 for scripture refrence:


  • Things connected to your past life, articles of affection, rings, letters and old pictures
  • R- or M-rated or otherwise inappropriate DVD’s and video games/collections
  • Worldly music
  • Computer hard drives and mobile devices

A good rule to stand by is “When in doubt, throw it out”.

Install internet filters on your devices.  *Recommended:  Covenant Eyes*



  1. Make the Lord feel welcome by intentionally paying attention to the atmosphere in your home.


  • Spend time in prayer often. Communication with the Father on a consistent basis invites His presence. Set aside a special place to pray (make a prayer closet).


  • Listen to worship music in your home throughout your day.

*Recommended Hillsong United, Vineyard, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe*


  • Incorporate family devotions and prayer time weekly.

Recommended Books and Bible Studies


Uncovering lies and applying God’s Truth-Women

Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them free by Nancy Leigh Demoss

Learning to be the wife God intended-Women

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

Women dealing with sexual sin

Create in me a pure heart by Kathy Gallagher

Dealing with sexual sin of a husband-Women

When his secret sin breaks your heart by Kathy Gallagher

Men’s Interest

Learning to be the husband God intended-Men

The Exemplary Husband Stuart Scott

Men dealing with sexual sin

At the altar of sexual idolatry by Steve Gallagher


Deeper Christian Life Books

Responding to God’s love

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Restoration of marriage

From Ashes to Beauty by Jeff and Rose Colon’

When People are Big and God is small by Edward Welch

Learning to wait on God

Waiting on God by Andrew Murray


Choosing Forgiveness by Nancy Leigh Demoss


Secret of the secret place-Bob Sorge

Learning the different forms of pride

Irresistible to God by Steve Gallagher

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