Firm Foundation Biblical Counseling Sessions

Firm Foundation Biblical Counseling Sessions

Click this link to Print Application –  FFBC Application

 The application packet is primarily for information gathering purposes, as Firm Foundation Biblical Counseling is open to those who are able to commit to the counseling guidelines. These simple guidelines are explained in the application packet. Upon receiving your completed application packet, you will be contacted by phone or email. This contact will handle any financial details or payment arrangements with you, answer your questions, and provide additional information about getting started with Firm Foundation Biblical Counseling. Send application for review to for further information contact




Firm Foundation Biblical Counseling requests partnership with the counselee’s church home to provide a portion of the session fee. This provides a support system for both the counselee and the church. At the request of the counselee and the church Firm Foundation is able to establish an agreement to work directly with the church to provide additional accountability for the counselee. 



*No refunds available Payment due at the beginning of each session*

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