Pleasing atmosphere for the Lord

Cleansing the home and creating an atmosphere pleasing to the Lord


  1. Take a Spiritual inventory of your current living space.


If your heart and home are to be a sanctuary for God, you need to learn how to avoid or at least minimize your intake of the world. Get rid of or limit the following: Scripture tells us that our hearts are to be a sanctuary for the Lord 1 Chronicles 22:19. Although we (Christian’s) live in the world we do not wage war against the flesh. 2 Corinthians 10:3. We should be aware of potential stumbling blocks. Anything that keeps you from the Lord can be a stumbling block. A huge tool that the enemy uses to distract us is our media intake:


Television                                            Newspapers

Internet                                               Magazines

Texting /social networking                  Product catalogs

Worldly music                                     Video games


  1. Remove anything in the home that the Devil can use as a tool to get to you. These items should be removed from any home dedicated to being a sanctuary for the Lord. Having these items in the home can hinder the Lord’s work, see James 1:21 for scripture refrence:


  • Things connected to your past life, articles of affection, rings, letters and old pictures
  • R- or M-rated or otherwise inappropriate DVD’s and video games/collections
  • Worldly music
  • Computer hard drives and mobile devices

A good rule to stand by is “When in doubt, throw it out”.

Install internet filters on your devices.  *Recommended:  Covenant Eyes*



  1. Make the Lord feel welcome by intentionally paying attention to the atmosphere in your home.


  • Spend time in prayer often. Communication with the Father on a consistent basis invites His presence. Set aside a special place to pray (make a prayer closet).


  • Listen to worship music in your home throughout your day.

*Recommended Hillsong United, Vineyard, Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe*


  • Incorporate family devotions and prayer time weekly.
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